30.00 15.00 GBP

This will give you the Duke rank in game.

Once purchased you will received the following perks in game:

  • Access to /kit duke
  • Access to /vault (4 rows)
  • Access to /hats (Cosmetics)
  • Access to /sellgui
  • Access to /craft - Opens a virtual crafting table
  • Access to /enderchest - Opens a virtual Enderchest
  • Can mine spawners with the Silk Touch enchant
  • You can have up to 6 Homes (Default is 1)
  • You can list up to 20 items on the Auction House (Default is 5)
  • 5x Ultra Crate Keys
  • The Duke Chat tag
  • Duke tag on Discord

Disclaimer: This rank can be changed at any time based on community/staff feedback. There will be no refunds!